L'Equipe World Wide Financial Inc

L’Equipe believes in the entrepreneurial spirit and has assembled a diverse management team that can enhance and ensure the success of virtually any project.

One of the strong points at L’Equipe is the experience to recognize exceptional opportunities and exceptional talent.

We understand that projects need funding to succeed.

With that in mind, L’Equipe has demonstrated that it has a unique understanding of the non-traditional financial markets. Our approach to project development and management will guide our clients to create opportunity and lead to success!

Happy latin architect holding blueprints
We use the monetization of Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit and place the proceeds into a European or Private Trade. These earnings are used to fund and create jobs.
When a project is selected and vetted, L’Equipe will then provide funding for the project. The amounts of the loans are based on pre-approved drawdown schedules.
At L’Equipe, our principal goal focuses on projects with humanitarian objectives. Most of the projects originate from smaller companies or those that cannot meet normal credit requirements.

Our Mission

To encourage the entrepreneurial spirit while improving
human welfare and addressing the needs of future generations

About L'Equipe World Wide Financial Inc

L’Equipe was established in 1995 as a Community Business Group, LLC and later incorporated in 2000. It was renamed to L’Equipe US Inc in 2007 and began operating as L’Equipe World Wide Inc. in 2011. The founders later renamed the company Lequipe World Wide Financial Inc (L’Equipe). The L’Equipe name stems from a French word meaning “the team.” This name was chosen because L’Equipe is your teammate in business finance.

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