World Wide, Inc
L’Equipe World Wide, Inc. 
is your Trusted Partner in funding projects
Our Mission:
to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit while improving
human welfare and addressing the needs of future generations 

L'Equipe was established in 1995 as Community Business Group and incorporated in 2000. It was renamed to L’Equipe US Inc. in 2007 and began operating as L’Equipe World Wide Inc. in 2011.  The mission statement has remained the same since the beginning. With the difficulties small and new businesses face in obtaining financing, L’Equipe has dedicated their resources to international alternative funding and the raising of capital for non-qualifying businesses.
The L'Equipe name stems from a French word meaning “the team.” 
L'Equipe companies have been in existence for 
23 years to provide funding and assistance to companies to create employment World Wide.
L'Equipe World Wide, Inc is a diverse organization. We are focused on core business disciplines, but we also encourage participation in community, charitable and social activities.
L'Equipe World Wide outreach spans the globe. We treat every Client like they are a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best and come with a personal touch. 


L'Equipe Headquarters is located in Dunedin, FL USA ​​​​​​

Offices are also in:
San Diego, California
Upland, California
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Geneva, Switzerland

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