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Project Funding
When a project is selected and vetted, L’Equipe will then provide funding for
the project. The amounts of the loans are based on pre-approved drawdown schedules.  The schedules are based on the performance of the project and monitored closely by L’Equipe.  L’Equipe will work alongside the Owner of the project until the project can succeed on its own.

We are an international organization specializing in utilization of Bank Instruments. If you or your client holds or can secure, a Bank Guarantee (BG), Stand-By Letter of Credit (SBLC), or Medium Term Note (MTN), we are the company of choice to help you obtain the needed funding for your project.

Funding for these projects will be through profits generated from “Private Buy Sell Programs” (PBSPs) facilitated by use of Bank Instruments. Trading in "Debt Instruments" is a Multi-Trillion dollar industry, worldwide and has been in existence for over 75 years. At L’Equipe, we will help you with private trading, a very real and effective opportunity to fund your project.
We use the monetization of Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of ​​
Credit and place the proceeds into a European or Private Trade.  These earnings are used to fund and create jobs.  We prefer contracts for at least $20 billion with tranches of $50 million.  
Traditionally, these funds are delivered every three weeks. 
We can purchase and/or lease.
At L’Equipe, our principal goal focuses on
projects with humanitarian objectives.
Most of the projects originate from smaller companies or those that cannot meet normal
credit requirements.
L'Equipe works with these companies
to structure solutions and provide funding
to create and preserve jobs.
Nickel Wire Purchase and Trade Program
First, there are no upfront fees. 
Expenses will be paid from the funds earned throughout the Trade Program.

Participation Requirements for the Nickel Wire:

  • Certificate of Appraisal Valued at a minimum of 1B
  • Certificate of Analysis with Purity 99% (or better)
  • Valid SKR at IGAS or Pro Safe with greater than 12 months remaining prior to expiration.  (We will evaluate other facilities on a case by case basis).
  • The asset is a clean, clear product, free of any levy, liens, or encumbrances and is obtained from non-criminal business or actions.
If the Client is accepted into the Trade Program:

There will be documents for the Seller/Investor to sign for the various stages of the Program that is fully outlined in the Agreements.

The total time frame for both the Weekly and Monthly trades, plus the Purchase and Monetization of BG/SBLC’s is approximately two years.
There is monthly income earned during the two years.​​
Ninety-two percent (92%) of the trade proceeds received are to be used for funding projects for humanitarian purposes.  These projects will have a positive economic effect for the good of communities and for the improvement of human welfare while addressing the needs of future generations.  You will have the capability to own the project when completed as planned.
At the end of the Program:
The Buyer/Investor owns the Nickel Wire. The Funds earned throughout the weekly Trade are used to pay the Seller/Investor.

Historically, this Program has earned up to three to five (3-5) times the appraised value of the Nickel Wire asset, but we cannot guarantee the future earnings.

Private Buy Sell Programs

Mechanics of Private Buy Sell Programs

What can the funds received from PBSP's be used for?

In the “Private Buy Sell Programs” market, there are a restricted number of Private Buy Sell Program Traders who are allowed to trade in debt instruments. In order to obtain project funding through use of Bank Instruments, a private party needs to obtain a Bank Instrument such as a Bank Guarantee (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) issued in the name of the beneficiary designated by the Trader. The Trader transfers an amount equal to the face value of the Bank Instrument into the Trading account. The Trader uses the Bank Instrument to enhance its credit and secures a line of credit from the Trading bank in order to participate in the Private Buy Sell Program. 

The Trader uses his own funds to participate in the “Private Buy Sell Program” and uses the credit line only to back up the arbitrage buy-sell transactions. Since the trading is done as arbitrage, the money (the credit line) does not have to be used, but it must still be held -- available to back up each and every buy-sell transaction. Since the credit line is never used, no lien is ever placed on the Bank Instrument that was issued to the Trader’s beneficiary.
There are strict requirements regarding the manner in which
the funds received from “Private Buy Sell Program” are to be used. The majority of the funding received MUST be used for the project and not for any private use or gain. The funds received by the Client may be a taxable event and the client is advised to consult with professional financial advisors. Committing fraud or misusing of funds provided to the Client will make the Client liable. The Client could face criminal charges and possibly be blocked from receiving any further funding for the Client’s Project.